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Medication Synchronization

Pick up your prescriptions on the same day each month.

Medication synchronization (MedSync for short) is a process that allows pharmacies to coordinate patient refills of chronic medications so that they may all be picked up in one trip to the pharmacy each month. Our staff will contact you monthly to review your medications and ensure we are filling exactly what is needed. Our pharmacists will provide education and counseling so you know the medications you take and the importance of taking them as prescribed. 


Advantages of MedSync Include:

  • Convenience

    Single monthly trip to the pharmacy to pick up chronic medications. Extend time between trips by getting your prescriber to write 90 day prescriptions.

  • Medications reviewed monthly by Pharmacists

    We will call you monthly to review and update your medication list and refill what you need!

  • Increase pharmacist access

    Increase your understanding of your medications, potential side effects and associated costs.

  • Assistance from pharmacy staff

    Pharmacy staff will help you keep your prescriptions in order as you visit your physician(s)/healthcare provider(s) and/or have medication changes by filling just enough of new medications to align with your next pickup date.

  • Compliance

    A study conducted by the National Community Pharmacy Association showed Med sync patients were 2.5 times more likely to be adherent to their medications compared to their peers and were 21% less likely to discontinue drug therapy.